About Ecsponent Zambia

Opening soon.

Ecsponent Zambia will soon be operating as registered deposit-taking financial institution, regulated by the Bank of Zambia, when it will offer a range of retail and institutional banking products.

Initially, Ecsponent Bank Zambia banking products on offer to the public will include:

  • Banking products, including fixed deposits, savings deposits and other savings and investment products like collective investment schemes.
  • Investments banking products, such as financial advisory services, structured products and private equity,
  • Other corporate and retail banking products including retail and corporate credit extension.

The bank’s management team is comprised of experienced individuals who bring a wealth of local and international investment and commercial banking knowledge from across the African continent.


Euné Engelbrecht

Chief executive officer


Terence Gregory

Chief operations officer


Bryan Shanahan

Group financial director


  • Fixed-Rate Income Provider (Class A)
  • Fixed Rate Capital Growth Provider (Class B)
  • Prime-Linked Income Provider (Class C)
  • Living Annuity
  • Preservation Fund
  • Retirement Annuity
  • Endowment
  • Umbrella Pension Fund
  • Institutional
  • Retail
  • Invoice Discounting
  • Purchase Order Finance
  • Hybrid/Equity Finance
  • Trade Finance

Contact Details

  • Opening soon in Lusaka
  • +27 87 808 0100
  • info@ecsponent.com

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