About Ecsponent Swaziland

In the Kingdom of Swaziland, Ecsponent has been operating as a wealth-generating, public company since July 2013 and a subsidiary of the JSE-listed Ecsponent Limited. It is an authorised financial service provider, registered with the Financial Services Regulatory Authority under Financial Service Provider licence number IA/0020/14.

As a local investment holding company, Ecsponent aims to provide and create a secured environment for Swazi investors to achieve above-average returns. For SMEs, it makes capital available to businesses that need funding for growth.

Investment opportunities

Ecsponent is able to create opportunities that individual investors are not normally able to access or take advantage of by allowing ordinary Swazi investors to share the wealth created by the Ecsponent group’s activities in Swaziland, through linked-loan units. See the summary of offers to the Swazi public in its latest prospectus to a public offer of investments.

These linked-loan units allow investors to tap into the investment expertise of Ecsponent’s management team and to enjoy the results of their future-based investment outlook. The linked loan units are essentially investments into Ecsponent’s share capital, thereby allowing investors to share in the growth generated by the company’s investments.

Investors have the choice between two types of investments, both recommended for investors seeking above-average investment returns over a five-year investment period, available through prospectus subscription. Prospectuses issued to date have been highly successful and resulted above average returns for its investors and shareholders and a significant contribution to the exponential growth of the Ecsponent group. Swaziland Prospectus.

The first, is a Five-Year Variable Rate Income Provider, also known as a Class A Swaziland investment. This investment is currently offering a gross annual return on investment of 15%, which is paid to investors monthly.

For those more interested in above-average capital appreciation rates, Ecsponent offers a Five-year Capital Growth Provider, also known as a Class E Swaziland investment.

Ecsponent’s equity investments creating returns for investors

To generate returns for investors, Ecsponent’s investments are diversified across a number of defensive industries, predominantly financial services. High-growth opportunities are identified and negotiated by industry specialists with significant experience. The company’s investment practice is based on the policies and principles that have been successfully employed in the past in other jurisdictions.

Ecsponent’s investments through credit services

Ecsponent continues to experience significant demand for capital across its operational markets by entities with ample security for the underlying investors. Therefore, all funds that are invested in providing credit services, including factoring-based finance for secured transactions as well as secured loans to qualifying small and medium enterprises (SME), are secured by realisable assets and guarantees.

Some of the profit-generating investments the group undertakes is to provide pioneering funding options to SMMEs with credible transactions, credible counterparties but who are unable to access capital or funding because they lack the financial history and security that are normally required by lending institutions.

In Swaziland, Ecsponent’s start-up operation included capital raising opportunities that mirror the South African process and provide on-going liquidity to the company’s credit operations that includes consumer credit, factoring based finance and SME finance.

Employee benefit products in Swaziland have the added security of a government payroll deduction code. Factoring and SME finance has shown a satisfactory roll out and the directors have high expectations for these activities in the territory.

The company uses professional, outsourced services to assess any potential assets to be included in the company’s investment. In terms of equity and debt investments, Ecsponent screens and evaluates companies that:

  • are not rate sensitive;
  • provide adequate realisable security or guarantees;
  • have an adequate financial track record; and
  • are able to provide above-average returns on funds received.

In addition to the above, the future prospects of the company include:

  • The expertise that exists within Ecsponent will create expansion opportunities throughout the Common Monetary Area, which will in turn generate substantial revenue streams for the company.
  • The opportunity to expand Ecsponent into untapped markets and neighbouring countries.
  • Ecsponent’s investment products in the market place will continue to be promoted and will increasingly gain traction.
  • Further investment in companies that require capital injection.
  • Further acquisition of assets.


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