Investment objective

Provide investors with an above average return on capital invested over a five-year term, with a zero investment cost.

Suitable for those investors who require

  • a medium-term investment (five years)
  • stable, predictable returns
  • 70% capital growth over the investment term
  • a 100% allocation of capital invested
  • the unique attributes of listed preference shares in their investment portfolios.

Class B Preference Share Performance vs Common SA Benchmarks

Graph is for illustrative purposes only. The data excludes all fees and taxes that may be applicable. For illustrative purposes, monthly income distributions were added back to the capital amount to express total return on investment. Income from this investment is paid monthly, net of tax, and is not automatically reinvested.

Ecsponent Financial Services is an authorised financial service provider registered with the Financial Services Board under license number FSP 32968 and provides investors with the information and advice they need to make investment decisions that are appropriate to their own needs. Ecsponent Financial Services is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ecsponent Limited.

Annual rate of return paid to investors

Investment value Annually After 5 years
Minimum R100 000 11.2% 70%

* Quoted rate excludes capital gains tax.

Key features

Series Number

Refer to Annual Pricing Supplement 9

Performance Target

Fixed growth rate over five years

Dividend rate


Time Horizon

5 years

Portfolio Size

R 1 167 159 900

Launch Date

Fourth Quarter 2014

Minimum Investment

R50 000

Industry Category

Listed Preference Shares

* Not to be seen as a risk rating on your investment portfolio.

** Information correct as at 31 January 2018.


Initial Fee 0%
Advisor Fee 0%
Total Expense Ratio 0%

Investment description

A five-year, redeemable, non-participating preference share with a redemption amount of 170% of the initial price per preference share at the end of the investment term.

Investment Portfolio

Ecsponent Limited is an industry leader in the provision niche market investment products based on secured and JSE-listed preference shares. Ecsponent has a strong future-based investment philosophy and deploys investment funding to companies that demonstrate a strong growth track-record, coupled with untapped commercial potential that can result in above average investment returns.

Portfolio breakdown

  • Equity
  • Private Equity
  • Financial Services
  • Cash Investments
  • Fixed Assets

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