Investment objectives

Provide investors with an above average return on capital invested over a five-year term, with a zero investment cost.

Suitable for those investors who require

  • a medium-term investment (five years);
  • higher than market standard returns;
  • a fixed capital growth rate;
  • 100% capital growth over the investment term;
  • a 100% allocation of capital invested.

Annual rate of return paid to investors

Investment value Annually After 5 years
Minimum E10 000 14.8% E2 000.00 per linked loan unit

* Quoted rate excludes capital gains tax.

Key features

Minimum Investment

R 200 000

Series Number

Refer to Annual Pricing Supplement 1

Dividend rate


Time Horizon

5 years

Portfolio Size

R 1 167 159 900

Launch Date

Fourth Quarter 2014

Fees and total expense ratio

Initial Fee 0%
Advisor Fee 0%
Total Expense Ratio 0%

Investment description

Class E, five-year, zero-rate, redeemable, non-voting par value preference shares at an issue price of E1.00 per share in the share capital of Ecsponent Limited (Swaziland), and a zero rate redeemable, convertible claim of E999.00 per claim, sold in linked loan units of one preference share and one claim, which are inseparably linked. These linked loan units are offered at offered at E1 000.00 each, with a redemption amount of E2 000.00 each at the end of the investment term.

Investment Portfolio

In the Kingdom of Swaziland, Ecsponent has been operating as a wealth-generating, public company since July 2013 and a subsidiary of the JSE-listed Ecsponent Limited. It is an authorised financial service provider, registered with the Financial Services Regulatory Authority under Financial Service Provider licence number IA/0020/14.

As a local investment holding company, Ecsponent aims to provide and create a secured environment for Swazi investors to achieve above-average returns. For SMEs, it makes capital available to businesses that need funding for growth.

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