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Invest with Ecsponent

Regardless of what your investment goals are, you want to be sure that you get the returns you strive for at a risk level that is appropriate for you. However, with so many investment products at your disposal, choosing the right investments is not an easy task.

We are passionate advocates for our investors. Our cause? To help them achieve net returns that outperform inflation. In other words, a growth in your wealth after costs, taxes and inflation have been subtracted.

How do we do it?

By finding the investment solutions and products that offer low cost structures and maximises returns for investors of all ages and with different appetites for risk. Some of the needs we address include:

Investment options

  • Fixed-rate income provider
  • Fixed-rate growth provider
  • Retirement options
    • Retirement Annuity Fund
    • Living Annuity Fund
    • Pension Preserver Fund
    • Provident Preserver Fund
  • Savings options
    • Tax-free Savings Account
    • Money Market Fund
  • Employee benefits
    • Umbrella Provident Fund

Ecsponent Financial Services is an authorised financial service provider registered with the Financial Services Board under license number FSP 32968 that provides investors with the information and advice they need to make investment decisions that are appropriate to their own needs.