Equity Holdings

The Ecsponent group’s wealth generating functions include capital raising, credit provision and equity. When considering possible equity investments, the group looks to acquire equity investments that satisfy specific conditions, which include that these companies have:

  • high gross profits,
  • high barriers to entry,
  • high intellectual property,
  • and investments that have application beyond the borders of South Africa.

These assets are acquired and disposed of to achieve the greatest return on investment for shareholders, but some of the group’s current equity assets include investments in:

The group’s Equity Holdings business unit was significantly bolstered by its investment in MyBucks SA, a Fintech company listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (MyBucks prospectus). MyBucks is a fast-growing, innovative Fintech business with credit, banking and insurance products delivered through its proprietary technology and digital channels. The MyBucks group has expanded rapidly in both Africa and Europe and not only provides the group with the obvious grassroots investment opportunity but also offers a significant Rand hedge. The MyBucks investment is the most significant equity investment for the Ecsponent group to date. In addition to the anticipated share value appreciation, the investment also provides the group with a hard currency asset. View MyBucks’ financial statements for the interim period ended 31 December 2017 and financial statements for the year ended 30 June 2017.

MyBucks is a perfect fit in respect of the group’s target investment profile. Fintech is changing the way Africans transact, bank, and borrow. Smartphones with their feature-rich operating systems, provide platforms for apps that can make financial services accessible, convenient, and simple. As smartphone prices decrease, penetration levels are exceeding expectations. By 2020, it is projected that there will be 720m smartphones in use on the continent.

MyBucks operates in 11 African, two European countries, as well as Australia. Its back-end systems, proprietary banking, and mobile credit apps have been a catalyst for financial inclusion on the continent.

Truth Digital Group (Pty) Ltd is 51% owned by Shaka Sisulu and was established as an investment vehicle through which Shaka aims to create the largest, diverse and dynamic black-owned digital marketing group on the African continent. Ecsponent acquired 49% of the Truth Group in June 2018.

The current subsidiaries held by Truth Digital include Plum Digital and Social Media Agency, iKGB, ROi Africa and Retroviral. The subsidiaries all operate as separate, privately incorporated companies with specialist niche services offered to clients. The Truth Group’s capabilities are strengthened by the synergies and reciprocal possibilities between the subsidiary.

Go Life International is a multi-faceted healthcare company offering a comprehensive all-inclusive product range; addressing market needs from pharmaceutical, generic, nutraceutical, medical consumables through to high-end sophisticated hospital equipment. This dynamic group operates in the healthcare sector with an aggressive acquisition strategy for expansion in focused, niche businesses. The Group is already established in the frail care, nutraceutical and cosmeceutical industry.

Go life caters for the informal market as well as the middle to upper expenditure segment of the formal market. The Go Life ranges of products are manufactured in an established Medicines Control Council registered production facility in South Africa. Go Life boasts an established infrastructure managed by an experienced team with international expertise in areas such as the development of digital enablement platforms, research and development, international distribution and innovative marketing strategies.