Ecsponent’s Investment Case

We are growing. Why don’t you grow with us?

Ecsponent Limited is listed on the JSE’s main board under the Financial Services ‒ Specialty Finance sector.

It is a rapidly growing African financial services group with multiple subsidiaries and a footprint across Southern Africa. With a history of consistent growth, we are committed to providing returns for our investors.

Ordinary Shares

  • Under-valued share price presents an investment opportunity
  • Low PE Ratio at +/- 3.02
  • Small-cap investment, supported by a strong growth track record
  • Stellar results over the last 8 years
  • Same great team responsible for this exceptional growth
  • Smart investments in high-growth sectors

Preference Shares

  • R5 bn JSE-listed preference share programme approved in 2014
  • Redeemable after 5 years
  • >R1,6 bn preference shares issued to date
  • Free from market volatility
  • 100% capital allocation
  • Monthly dividends or capital growth
  • Capital returned at end of investment term

Domestic medium-term notes

  • R10 bn JSE-listed DMTN programme approved in 2018
  • Redeemable after 3 years
  • Attractive yields
  • Fixed or floating interest rates between 9 and 12% per annum
  • Minimum investment requirement of R10 000
  • Maximise returns over the medium term
  • Diversify your portfolio

Preference Shares

Preference share type Annual dividend rate Capital redemption value after five years
Fixed Rate Class D 12.5% 100%
Class E 11.25% 100%
Class G 10% 100%
Zero coupon Class B 0% 170%

Domestic Medium Term Notes

Preference share type Annual coupon Redemption amount per note after three years
Fixed Rate 9% R100
10% R100
12% R100
Variable rate Prime plus 1.5% R100
Zero coupon 0% R137.49

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