Corporate Social Investment

The Ecsponent group's corporate social investment initiatives

Ecsponent is committed to corporate social responsibility (CSR) as an important element of corporate citizenship, alongside proper governance and social involvement. We aim to contribute to communities in ways that result in long term sustainability for the members of these communities and the environment.

Our corporate social investment (CSI) initiatives are prioritised around educational and health-related projects. Our charitable donations are geared towards issues that are important to our staff (e.g. fundraising for young cancer patients, providing for basic education needs, etc.).


Ecsponent Madiba Day 2019


On 18 July 2018, we had the opportunity to respond to the call for 67 minutes of service by the Madiba Day campaign. We wanted to help people in our own community and spent the day painting containers that will be used to educate pre-school children living in Plastic City, also known as Woodlane Village. Plastic City houses between 5000 and 7000 people in informal housing on an 8ha piece of land. There are 4 water tanks and one toilet for every 33 “streets” that is cleaned twice weekly and rubble and sewage overflow the area where hundreds of pre-school children are left to play unsupervised every day.

A local NPO, SA Cares for Life, has intervened and launched a variety of projects that will uplift this community. One of these is to establish pre-school facilities in insulated mobile containers that will enable the community to better care for its children. Together with some other local businesses, we spent the day brining colour to these container classrooms.


Ecsponent comes to the aid of local learners at the Lewis Memorial School in Botswana

We wanted to improve the lives of local students at the Lewis Memorial School in Molepolole, Botswana.

In line with the Ecsponent group’s CSI investment strategy of empowering the communities in which it operates with a particular focus on education, we made a donation for portable desks fitted with LED lights to assist learners to study and complete their homework.

Access to adequate educational resources is dire among lower economic groups and the reality is that thousands of young people who are trying to empower themselves through education are simply not given the tools they need to achieve this.

As an investment firm, we understand the importance that education, and mathematics in particular, play in developing the future innovators and leaders in fields such as engineering, science and finance. We believe that through our investment in promoting education, we make a difference albeit a small one.

Other projects

  • We contributed R30 000 to replace the much-needed school bus of Westerlig primary school in Danville, Pretoria. Ecsponent also contributed an additional R1 000 per month towards fuel for the bus for a year.
  • Our Group has a long-standing relationship with the Caring Daisies and through this association raises funds for different charities.
  • Every year, Cryo-Save South Africa dedicates their Argus cycling team to raise funds for a special cause. One of the past recipients of this initiative was the Greys Hospital Paediatric Oncology Unit, located in Pietermaritzburg. This facility offers tertiary services, providing highly specialised healthcare, not available at a district hospital. The most recent fundraiser raised over R150 000 and this was channelled to focus on the children who would benefit from the Paediatric Ward, while also creating awareness for this great cause.

“In Kwazulu-Natal there is an estimated 3,3million children under the age of 15 years, amounting to 33% of the population in the province. Despite these high numbers, until recently, the only unit treating children with cancer in the province was at IALCH,” says Dr Beverley Neethling, who opened the Greys Hospital Paediatric Oncology Unit, together with Dr van Heerden in February 2012.