Annual Pricing Supplements

Each Applicable Pricing Supplement (APS) must be read in conjunction with the Programme Memorandum prepared by Ecsponent Limited in connection with the Ecsponent Limited ZAR5,000,000,000 Preference Share Programme, as amended and/or supplemented from time to time.

Preference share programme

Class A Code Series ISIN Issue date Redemption payment date
APS Class A ECSP1 1 ZAE000196317 06-Oct-14 07-Oct-19 Download
ECSP4 2 ZAE000202495 06-Mar-15 06-Mar-20 Download
ECSP7 3 ZAE000210480 04-Dec-15 14-Dec-20 Download
ECSP10 4 ZAE000217196 08-Apr-16 12-Apr-21 Download
ECSP13 5 ZAE000244844 09-Jun-17 10-Jun-22 Download
Class B Code Series ISIN Issue date Redemption payment date
APS Class B ECSP2 1 ZAE000196309 06-Oct-14 07-Oct-19 Download
ECSP5 2 ZAE000202503 06-Mar-15 09-Mar-20 Download
ECSP8 3 ZAE000210498 04-Dec-15 16-Nov-20 Download
ECSP11 4 ZAE000214441 03-Mar-16 08-Mar-21 Download
ECSP14 5 TBC 01-Jul-16 02-Jul-21 Download
ECSP17 6 TBC 11-Oct-16 11-Oct-21 Download
ECSP20 7 ZAE000241717 07-Mar-17 07-Mar-22 Download
ECSP23 8 ZAE000246112 10-Jul-17 11-Jul-22 Download
ECSB9 9 ZAE000250049 10-Oct-17 10-Oct-22 Download
ECSB10 10 ZAE000255675 06-Mar-18 06-Mar-23 Download
ECSB11 11 ZAE000258844 12-Jun-18 12-Jun-23 Download
ECSB12 12 ZAE000263257 16-Oct-18 16-Oct-23 Download
ECSB13 13 ZAE000268371 05-Feb-19 05-Feb-24 Download
ECSB14 14 ZAE000273157 11-Jun-19 10-Jun-24 Download
Class C Code Series ISIN Issue date Redemption payment date
APS Class C ECSP3 1 ZAE000196291 06-Oct-14 09-Oct-14 Download
ECSP6 2 ZAE000202511 06-Mar-15 09-Mar-20 Download
ECSP9 3 ZAE000210506 04-Dec-15 14-Dec-20 Download
ECSP12 4 TBC 06-May-16 07-May-21 Download
ECSP15 5 TBC 08-Aug-16 10-Aug-21 Download
ECSP18 6 TBC 08-Nov-16 05-Nov-21 Download
ECSP21 7 ZAE000241725 07-Mar-17 04-Mar-22 Download
ECSP24 8 ZAE000246757 14-Jul-17 15-Jul-22 Download
Class D Code Series ISIN Issue date Redemption payment date
APS Class D ECSD1 1 ZAE000250148 04-Oct-17 03-Oct-22 Download
ECSPD2 2 ZAE000254389 06-Feb-18 06-Feb-23 Download
ECSD3 3 ZAE000258851 12-Jun-18 09-Jun-23 Download
ECSD4 4 ZAE000263265 16-Oct-18 16-Oct-23 Download
ECSD5 5 ZAE000268389 05-Feb-19 05-Feb-24 Download
ECSD6 6 ZAE000273140 11-Jun-19 10-Jun-24 Download
Class E Code Series ISIN Issue date Redemption payment date
APS Class E ECSE1 1 ZAE000250155 04-Oct-17 03-Oct-22 Download
ECSPE2 2 ZAE000254387 06-Feb-18 06-Feb-23 Download
ECSE3 3 ZAE000258869 12-Jun-18 12-Jun-23 Download
ECSE4 4 ZAE000263281 16-Oct-18 16-Oct-23 Download
ECSE5 5 ZAE000268363 05-Feb-19 05-Feb-24 Download
ECSE6 6 ZAE000273132 11-Jun-19 10-Jun-24 Download
Class G Code Series ISIN Issue date Redemption payment date
APS Class G ECSG1 2 ZAE000250163 04-Oct-17 03-Oct-22 Download
ECSG2 2 ZAE000258877 12-Jun-18 12-Jun-23 Download
ECSG3 3 ZAE000263307 16-Oct-18 16-Oct-23 Download
ECSG4 4 ZAE000273124 11-Jun-19 10-Jun-24 Download

Domestic Medium Term Note Programme

Bond Code Series ISIN Issue date Redemption payment date
Note 1 ECSFX1 1 ZAE000265393 10-Dec-18 13-Dec-21 Download
ECSFX4 4 ZAE000275566 20-Aug-18 23-Aug-21 Download
Note 2 ECSFX2 2 ZAE000266813 15-Jan-19 17-Jan-22 Download
ECSFX5 5 ZAE000275574 20-Aug-18 23-Aug-21 Download
Note 3 ECSFX3 3 ZAE000266821 15-Jan-19 17-Jan-22 Download
ECSFX6 6 ZAE000275582 20-Aug-18 23-Aug-21 Download
Note 4 ECSZR1 1 ZAE000265419 10-Dec-18 13-Dec-21 Download
ECSZR2 2 ZAE000275616 20-Aug-18 23-Aug-21 Download
Note 5 ECSFL1 1 ZAE000265401 10-Dec-18 13-Dec-21 Download
ECSFL2 2 ZAE000275608 20-Aug-18 23-Aug-21 Download



Any capitalised terms not defined in any of the Applicable Pricing Supplements shall have the meanings ascribed to them in the section of the Programme Memorandum headed “Definitions and Interpretations”.

These documents constitute the Applicable Pricing Supplement relating to the issue of Preference Shares described therein. The Preference Shares are issued on and subject to the Terms and Conditions contained in the Programme Memorandum, as amended and/or supplemented by the terms and conditions contained in these Applicable Pricing Supplements, if applicable. To the extent that there is any conflict or inconsistency between the contents of the Applicable Pricing Supplements and the Programme Memorandum, the provisions of the Applicable Pricing Supplement shall prevail.

Please note that dates specified on this APS are subject to JSE rules and regulations and may change accordingly. This guide has been compiled to provide factual information on the product offered and does not constitute advice.