Ecsponent at a glance

Ecsponent Limited, listed on the JSE’s main board under the Financial Services – Speciality Finance sector, predominantly creates wealth by investing in companies that offer a range of niche financial services in South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Swaziland and Zambia. These services vary in different jurisdictions of operation and include capital raising from retail and institutional investors, providing secured business credit services and private equity transactions like mergers and acquisitions.

With operations currently in South Africa, Swaziland, Botswana and Zambia, the group is structured across three pillars, allowing it to leverage core skills and resources throughout its targeted markets and across its chosen geographies.

The group's core pillars comprises:

Financial Services South Africa – business-to-business finance, optimising the preferred procurement spending of large corporate businesses by uplifting, training and funding their SMME suppliers to improve the levels of financial inclusion and community upliftment, and offering investors above-average investment returns through preference shares and other investment options.

  • Investment products, including listed preference shares
  • Secured business-to-business credit
  • Developing economically self-sufficient BEE suppliers

Financial Services Africa – activities in the rest of Africa mirror those in South Africa and includes promoting financial inclusion, growing businesses and offering above average investment returns.

  • Deposit taking operations
  • Secured business-to-business credit
  • SMME development through skills development, improved procurement practices and funding.

Private Equity – investing in and growing opportunities that are high tech, with high margins and high barriers to entry. Some of these investments include:

  • Ecsponent Biotech, which includes amongst others CryoSave and Salveo Swiss Biotechnology
  • Other businesses that support the group’s operations and investment criteria, for example our investment in the media intelligence business, ROi Africa.

Ecsponent's growth story

As a JSE-listed company with operations expanding across Africa, Ecsponent focuses on opportunities where local businesses can be leveraged, grown or brought into the group.

Ecsponent has a strong future-based investment philosophy and deploys investment funding to companies that demonstrate a strong growth track record, coupled with untapped commercial potential that can result in above average investment returns. Overall, the group seeks out value-enhancing acquisitions that complement the group’s business model and are aligned to its expansion plans or other investment.



Established in 1995, the venture capital investment holding company John Daniel Holdings (JDH) listed on the JSE’s Venture Capital board in August 1998.

In 2010, the company’s shareholders introduced a group of investors to the business, which sparked the start of a long-term relationship and resulted in a fundamental shift in the business’ future. Later in the same year, a new board and management team were appointed to JDH. This change in leadership refocused the company’s strategic direction, resulting in significant growth, improved governance and relationships with shareholders.

Following these changes, the primary funder at the time agreed to convert its debt to equity, backing the management team and the group’s strategy. And so, from humble beginnings, a venture capital company with two subsidiaries evolved into what is today, a fully-fledged and rapidly growing African Financial Services group with multiple subsidiaries. The group has expanded its horizons to include a number of geographies across Africa but has retained the same core focus which has made the business so successful.

Ecsponent's exponential growth

Ecsponent's history of growth


Ecsponent intends to become the premier provider of financial services in the niche market segments of the territories…


The Ecsponent group strives is to create and provide a secured environment for predominantly investors to obtain…


The Ecsponent group fuses traditional, proven investment principles with progressive, creative thinking that…

Goals and Initiatives

The group seeks to identify, develop and profitably commercialise intellectual property and technology predominantly…