Ecsponent’s board is ultimately responsible for the Group’s performance and affairs, which includes protecting and enhancing the Group’s wealth and resources, timely and transparent reporting, and always acting in the best interest of the Group and its stakeholders.


The Group’s committees all meet independently but report directly to the Board and decisions taken by such committees all require approval of the Board prior to implementation. The committees all operate in terms of approval charters, which define their roles.


Keith Rayner is appointed as chairman of the company’s Audit and Risk committee and also serves as member of the Social and Ethics committee.

Keith holds several board seats and is chairman of Sibanye Stillwater’s Audit Committee and has been an Ecsponent director since 2011. He is the former chairman of the Remuneration and Nomination committee and a doyen in the South African regulatory and trading environments.


As independent non-executive director, Patrick Matute will chair the Nomination and Remuneration committee.

Patrick was appointed as non-executive director to Ecsponent’s board in 2016. His extensive experience in financial services, corporate finance and private equity, in sub-Saharan African markets makes an invaluable contribution to Ecsponent’s strategy.


George Manyere will become executive vice chairman of the board.

George’s experience at the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and success in growing and listing Brainworks have been invaluable in our institutional capital raising initiatives and steering our African growth agenda. With our eye on strategic African expansion, George has a critical role to play as an executive director.


The remainder of the board comprises Richard Connellan as chairman, Terence Gregory as CEO, Dirk van der Merwe as the financial director and Willem Oberholzer as an independent non-executive director and chairman of the Social and Ethics committee.


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