The Board of Directors is pleased to present the audited results for the financial period ended 30 June 2019 of Ecsponent and its subsidiaries.

During the June 2019 financial period, the Group continued to focus on its core business activities, building on the foundation it created through a series of rationalisation transactions in the previous periods. Notable transactions were the additional investments in MyBucks S.A. (“MyBucks”), a Frankfurt-listed (Luxembourg based) fintech company. MyBucks banking and consumer lending operations are active in six African countries of which five hold banking licenses.

During the period, the Group focused on diversifying its Equity Holdings portfolio (in addition to the MyBucks investment), with investments in asset managers. The Group also made an investment in a mineral claim announced after the financial year-end.

Looking to the future, the Group aims to support its growing asset base with platforms that hold significant intrinsic value and provide diversification across sectors, geographies, and currencies. To support this, Ecsponent is evaluating further investments in high-growth sectors with longer-term investment horizons. The Group is considering various options to further capitalise the business to underpin the planned diversification of its
investment portfolio.

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