Athletes at Cape Town Cycle Tour given the opportunity to prepare their bodies for race day and help alleviate the Mother city’s water crisis


JSE-listed Ecsponent Limited, has added Cryozone South Africa to its portfolio of leading-edge technological investments. Cryozone South Africa is a provider of whole-body cryotherapy – a medical physical treatment, widely used in sports medicine as well as in treating serious inflammatory conditions and optimising general wellness.


The acquisition immediately sees Ecsponent supporting Cryozone in providing athletes at the Cape Town Cycle Tour the opportunity to not only look after their own well-being but contribute to alleviating the impact of the water crisis in Cape Town.


Cryozone is the agent and distributor of KrioSystem Life, through a partnership with Polish company KrioSystem Life Sp, which specialises in world-class cryogenic technologies to produce cryochamber apparatus for medical, scientific and industrial applications. One of the Cryozone whole-body cryotherapy chambers will be open to the public from 19 March at the Sports Science Institute.


Whole-body cryotherapy is an intensive cold treatment. Originally designed to treat circulatory diseases, it has been adapted for use in elite sports to enable rapid recovery and rehabilitation, while providing a host of other benefits. The whole-body cryotherapy treatment process places an athlete in a purpose-built cryotherapy chamber with the air inside cooled to temperatures as low as -160°C


Cryotherapy causes vasoconstriction and then when athletes exit the chamber, vasodilation, which sees a rush of nutrient-rich blood to muscles around the body. This, coupled with the rush of hormones and endorphins, sees athletes enjoy faster recovery, reduction in inflammation, decreased pain and anxiety as well as a host of beauty effects such as a reduction visible signs of ageing and cellulite.


Ecsponent creates wealth by investing in companies such as Cryozone that offer niche services. Ecsponent has three main strategic business units that have contributed to its phenomenal performance, and the acquisition of 70% of Cryozone SA forms part of its Equity Holdings business unit. It aligns with the company’s strategy of investing in companies with high barriers to entry, high intellectual property and scalable profits.


Cryozone will be headed up by Capetonian Willem Muller. As a qualified mechanical engineer and self-proclaimed sports fanatic, Muller was immediately captivated by cryotherapy. “With a strong technical background, it was easy to understand the technology behind cryotherapy devices. As a sportsperson, the results spoke for themselves. In just three minutes technology and the body’s own healing powers intersect to create natural benefits including:


  • reduced inflammation, pain and swelling
  • increased testosterone levels
  • speedier recovery from muscle stress and fatigue
  • increased energy levels and immunity.


“This acquisition ties in perfectly with our strategic objectives of bolstering our Equity Holdings unit with niche businesses that offer attractive scalability and represent a formidable barrier to entry. Cryozone will no doubt provide the market in South Africa with an exciting product and we anticipate significant and growing demand for the different cryotherapy offers. We expect the acquisition to unlock value for Ecsponent and its shareholders,” said Ecsponent CEO Terence Gregory.



Ecsponent will be supporting Cryozone at the Cape Town Cycle Tour Expo and race from 8 to 11 March with the #CTC18WaterChallenge. Ecsponent will donate 10 litres of water to Cape Town for each person who undergoes cryotherapy at the Cryozone Waterless Recovery Area between 8 and 11 March. Other than the obvious health benefits, cyclists are encouraged to do their three minutes to collect water for Cape Town.


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