It has come to our attention that an organisation named DMG Limited (DMG) is marketing itself and soliciting funds for investments based on Ecsponent Limited’s investment offering and as part of the Ecsponent Group of companies.


The Ecsponent Group has no association with DMG Limited whatsoever and distances itself from the company and the products and services offered to the public.


To protect investors from the potential impact of this misrepresentation, the matter is being handed over to regulators in different geographical jurisdictions for further investigation. Ecsponent also reserves its rights to press charges of fraud against DMG in the territories where it is operating.


We urge investors to exercise caution if approached by any of DMG’s representatives or to contact Ecsponent for confirmation before proceeding with any investments or deposits. Read more about How to Spot Dodgy Investment Schemes here.


Ecsponent Limited (“Ecsponent” or “Group”) is a listed private equity company and in South Africa, the Group markets regulated investment instruments via Ecsponent Financial Services.


Ecsponent Financial Services is an authorised financial service provider registered with the Financial Services Board in South Africa under license number FSP 32968 and provides investors with the information and advice about regulated investment instruments appropriate to their own needs.

For further information, please contact Christine Marincowitz.